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Elective prenatal ultrasound provides high-quality 3D/4D imaging of the unborn baby, while the medical scans will only give you 2D imaging. This can show you the live movements of your unborn baby, like kicking, sucking their thumb, or maybe even stretching. It’s a magical moment that helps strengthen the baby’s bond with their parents or family members.

However, the elective prenatal ultrasound can not diagnose any abnormalities. To determine the baby’s condition, a routine ultrasound examination is required.

For Elective prenatal ultrasound, your doctor or midwife doesn’t order this ultrasound, but you decide to undergo it yourself. If you’re interested in getting an elective prenatal ultrasound done at Exceptional Imaging Center, you must ensure that you’re already receiving prenatal care treatment from a healthcare provider.

Also, you have to make sure that you’ve received medical, diagnostic ultrasound ordered by the healthcare provider confirming your due date, screening for fetal irregularities, and checking for any kind of pregnancy issues. Because with our elective prenatal ultrasound, you will receive a diagnosis of the heartbeat confirmation, baby’s position, number of babies, and the location of the placenta.

Please keep in mind that you should NEVER use our elective prenatal ultrasound to substitute for the proper and routine diagnostic ultrasound.

A 30-year extensive study proved that ultrasound doesn’t harm the mother or the baby. Having a routine ultrasound of pregnancy is considered normal in the US. 3D/4D scanning uses the exact type and intensity of ultrasound as the conventional 2D one. The ultrasound technology is quite similar to radar.

Sound waves are used in 3D/4D ultrasound to scan your body. These sound waves enter your body through a sound wave emitting probe placed on your body. The probe uses return echo to produce an image of your unborn child. Similarly, 4D ultrasound also has the same process when it comes to exposure.

Yes. We recommend getting an appointment for a smooth experience of our services. Click here and book yourself an appointment.

The duration depends on your chosen package. However, the 4D ultrasound usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

The 24th to 35th week is the ideal time of pregnancy to get a 4D ultrasound done. But the timeframe is recommended if you’re planning on having only one 4D ultrasound examination. You can always get lovely pictures of your baby after 22weeks of pregnancy. Like many other mothers, you can also have multiple 4D ultrasounds to watch your baby grow from their second and third trimesters.

Most of the time, you will. But sometimes, the picture’s quality depends on the baby’s position. For example – if your baby is looking face down or facing toward your spine, you might not get a clear picture of your baby’s face. In this case, we recommend getting another scan later. This will have a higher chance of a successful baby’s picture as the baby will turn to a favorable position by then.

We don’t promise you any similarity between our pictures and the pictures you got from our clinic in the previous examination or elsewhere. Also, we don’t claim to meet everyone’s expectations. Every baby scan varies depending on the baby’s gestational age, position, fluid amount, and the mother’s health.

Although we can’t guarantee you a 100% perfect picture of the baby, we promise to put our best effort and obtain the finest-quality picture possible. Here, your baby decides how much you can see.

Definitely! We highly support inviting friends and family to the elective 4D ultrasound session. It’ll be a fun and mind-opening experience that you can share with your loved ones. We can easily accommodate up to 7 guests.

Yes, most of the time, we can determine the baby’s gender. However, we can’t guarantee that the baby will be fully cooperative during the ultrasound session. Certain factors interrupt the baby’s sex determination like, tissue content, developmental stage, and fetal position.

WATER is the crucial element to improve your baby’s ultrasound images. We recommend you start drinking double the water at least seven days before your scheduled ultrasound. Drinking enough water can effectively improve the ultrasound’s quality. We suggest getting their 3D/4D ultrasound appointment between 31 and 35 weeks of pregnancy for full-figured moms. Around this timeframe, the ultrasound will be more apparent, and we’ll obtain more comparable results to the ones in our images gallery.

The short answer would be no. Currently, we don’t have any insurance covering the costs of our ultrasound. As the elective procedure is not a substitute for the doctor’s ordered ultrasound, you’ll have to pay for it separately. You can pay with cash, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, and debit cards. We accept them all.

We complete all our ultrasounds using state-of-the-art. This machine is utilized to obtain 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasounds of your baby.

At Exceptional Imaging Center, we have a package for every budget and requirement so you can go home with a beautiful and memorable experience. Check out the pricing of the packages here.