The Clinic

Exceptional Imaging Center
with Renee McCoy

Renee McCoy owns and operates Exceptional Imaging Center. She has been a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer since 1997 with experience in Abdomen, Pelvic, OB, Breast, Carotid, and Vascular in hospital and clinic settings. In simpler words, she’s an expert at diagnosing your pregnancy problems.

She has recognized the value of this incredible experience and decided to make it affordable to all patients. We have registered or registry-eligible technologists with formal training along with at least two years of experience in OB ultrasound. We perform with the very best, state of art 3D/4D ultrasound and mobile medical ultrasound systems which allow you to see your unborn baby’s movements.

Our job is to deepen and strengthen the mother-baby bond and we guarantee it. We ensure the connection is enhanced and nourished, enriching the relationship connection often postponed until delivery. At Exceptional Imaging Center, our clients get to see their baby in 3D/4D which helps the mother and baby get even closer with an improved connection. Our client’s emotional and positive responses are very encouraging.

We welcome you to pay our comfortable and safe atmosphere a visit and spend some quality time with your unborn.